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Andover Live Action Roleplay    
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Andover's Live Action Role-play community is an open and happy group that is moving towards the goal of starting an 'active' league of people willing and open enough, to come out together and duel it out in a friendly environment. The group itself is not limited to people residing in Andover, we are willing to accept anyone within the area who is looking to join. All we ask is that you are there to have fun, not intentionally injure other, since we promote a 'SAFE' environment too.

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Angellese, Sep 10, 11 11:37 PM.



1.) If you're hit in the ligaments, you can’t use what was just hit (aka arm, leg, wrist, hand etc.) If you get hit anywhere in the torso,  you’re dead.

2.) No headshots, if you get hit in the head, redo the duel.

3.) Weapon check. The core of the weapon can be fiber glass and PVC pipe. WOODEN weapons or METAL weapons (as in if it's going to inflict immense harm or bodily harm you are not allowed to use it. Every weapon must be checked before the duel.) If you have these types of weapons during an event, you are not allowed to participate unless you use another weapon that is allowed. We don't want to pay for medical bills and I'm sure you don't want to either

4.) NO alcohol or drugs. Please keep it clean, if you show up high or you will be asked to go home. We don't want to be in trouble for you being stupid.  If you happen to smoke cigarettes please don’t smoke at the club, and if you absolutely have to, please walk away from us. We don’t want to get in trouble for you.

5.) Please watch your behavior. We want to have fun, it’s a friendly environment. Please don’t be the one who ruins it for everyone.

6.) No stealing, we want to have fun and we don’t want you to steal other people’s items that they worked hard to make and invested a lot in. And if we catch you EVEN in the act of attempting to steal someone's stuff, you will be banned from the club permanently.

7.) Donations for the club are allowed, but if you are caught stealing this money; you will be banned from the club permanently.  We do NOT tolerate stealing. Period.

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If you have friends that are interested in LARPing, tell them to talk to Alec, Zach, Cody or Brianne on facebook. Then, have them sign up for the website =].
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